Are you wasting hours upon end looking at ‘YouTube How To’ videos thinking this is going to give you the success you desire by either saving money working out how to do something in your business?

Do you think this is a good use of your time, is this going to help you grow your business?

Are you scrolling through other coaches' social media feeds thinking this is going to give you the secret sauce on how to get the results you desire in your own business?

Do you think doing that is an effective use of your time, when your ideal client is different and your energy is different to the coach you are scrolling through on social media?

Stuck on the next steps to take in achieving your goals and desires in your business and truly believe you need to buy all the tech and systems you need to achieve true success and feel so consumed with the ‘noise’ in the online world that you don’t even know where to start?

I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to spend an absolute fortune to get your coaching business off the ground….there are other ways!

  • Feel overwhelmed with where to start in setting up your online coaching business?

  • Feel like there are not enough hours in the day to achieve the success and freedom in your life and business?

  • Feel like you have ‘got it together’ in all areas of your life but the one thing that is holding you back is the tech and systems in your business?

  • Feel like you don’t know what is required to grow an audience that is ready to invest in what you offer

  • Want to build a sustainable business and only focus on what is needed to get you there?

Since setting up my VA and OBM agency 8 years ago, I have supported over 150+ coaches either through monthly retainer/PAYG project support or via training sessions in group programs/membership and the common theme I have noticed through all scenarios is that in order to achieve true success in your coaching business you must understand the below key principles:

  1. Knowing that your ideal client will always be unique to you.

  2. Knowing that your services and what you offer to that ideal client will always be unique to you.

  3. Comparing yourself to others (those coaches you deem successful) will not get you anywhere in achieving the goals you desire.

  4. Stepping up as a CEO in your business and taking charge of your time and energy is absolutely essential for true success.

  5. Regularly engaging with your ideal client so they know you are out there and that you can support them in their journey.

  6. Getting the strategy and systems in place so you can focus only on what you love.

  7. Focussing on income generating tasks and your Zone of Genius will get the true success you desire.

  8. Believing in yourself and your gifts - your ideal client needs you - get out of your own way!

  9. Knowing that you don’t have to do all this by yourself…. support is out there to help you achieve the impact and results you are looking for.

I am so excited to share that in early October I will be welcoming people into my new offering:

An 8-week programme where I take you through the key principles I have learned over the past 8 years on how to set up and grow a successful coaching business in the most sustainable way.

I am excited to share that given this is my beta launch of this program, I will be offering this as a live round where I will guide you through 8 weeks from Monday 3rd October with modules released weekly and a weekly live Q&A every Friday, to help you focus entirely on what you need and next steps to take action.

This will be a highly engaged container where you will have access to me for 8 weeks to help you grow and build a successful coaching business.


Gain clarity on what your vision and values are for your business and life.

Ideal Client

Understand your Ideal Clients needs and desires by understanding their fears and hopes.

Business Efficiency and Mindset

Understand the fundamentals of having an effective business and mindset.

Take charge of your business and it’s capabilities through these efficient techniques and step away from imposter syndrome and take charge of your legacy and what you are creating

Growing an Audience

Learn the key fundamentals to list building, lead magnets, how to engage and grow your audience, social media, SEO and Google Analytics

Tech in Your Coaching Business

Understand what you can automate and create systems in your business to deliver high ticket products without you having to do anything other than show up to deliver and support your clients. This includes client onboarding and processes for discovery calls.

Launching Your Services

How to launch effectively with a plan that delivers the goods and gets your message out to the world.

Program and Product Delivery

We will cover everything from onboarding, contracts, payment links, welcome emails to product build for delivery.

Next Level Visioning

Accountability and Nailing the Plan and how to outsource the key tasks in your business so you can focus only on doing what you love - coaching!

  • Weekly content will be delivered every Monday via our training platform (Kajabi) where you can jump right into the resources/training provided.

  • Weekly Q&A (90 minute session) every Friday at 2pm to 3.30pm (GMT/BST) where we discuss any questions in an open forum (replays will be provided).

  • Daily engagement through our Private Facebook Community where I will share key content relevant to the weekly theme.

  • Voxer access to me if you have any questions throughout the journey (available Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm BST) for the duration of the program.

Live Biz in a Box Beta Round - Offer to You at £540 inc VAT (next time I launch this it will be launched at £780 inc VAT).

All I ask is you share feedback and provide testimonial upon completion.

The course will start on Monday 3rd October and will end on Friday 2nd December with an extended Celebration Q&A session from 2pm to 4.30pm (BST).

You can purchase via the Payment in Full at £540 inc VAT or 2 x monthly instalment option of £280 inc VAT via the buttons below.

Upon purchase, you will receive a welcome email confirming next steps.

Payment in Full £540 inc VAT
Payment in 2 x Monthly Instalments of £280 inc VAT

In November 2014, Lynsey took the leap of leaving the corporate world and set up her VA and OBM agency based in the UK (Elite VA Limited).

During her first year in business, she felt overwhelmed and confused with all the ‘noise’ in the online world and was unsure where to go with positioning herself. From attending every webinar and masterclass to signing up to every opportunity for training, you name it she signed up for it!

Over the next four years in business, she learned all about the digital online space including the best go-to tools for digital marketing, membership platforms, every training course on list building and product launches as well as client audience building. 

During this time, Lynsey noticed a gap in the market offering pro-active driven tech VA support to coaches and female entrepreneurs including support on systems and processes, product launches, business audits and full-day intensives, allowing clients the freedom to focus only on where their passion lies.

Lynsey helps soul-led coaches come out of overwhelm into freedom because freedom brings that creative expansion in your business.

That freedom and creative expansion that allows you to focus on captivating your audience, delivering your products and services and having the peace of mind knowing that your systems and processes within the business are of a high standard, that your product and podcast launches are going to be a huge success.

Lynsey will give you the gift of freedom allowing you the inspiration to create.

Payment in Full £540 inc VAT
Payment in 2 x Monthly Instalments of £280 inc VAT
Payment in Full £540 inc VAT
Payment in 2 x Monthly Instalments of £280 inc VAT
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