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A warm welcome to my site, I am so thrilled you are here.
I am here to help you step into the woman you have always dreamt of and share your gifts with the world in a way that is freeing and empowering. 


Spend 6-hours with me where we create a bespoke strategy aligned with your deepest desires.


Get back to simplicity, ease and flow in your business!

If you are feeling things just got a bit too complicated with your business and you want more profit back in your account without compromising on value and service, join Lynsey on a 1:1 power-packed 90 minute session where she will help you simplify (and potentially save some money along the journey) so you can take back control of your business with Uncomplicated Funnels


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Get your hands on the inside scoop on how I have built a 6-figure online digital business over the past eight years as I share my wins and failures with you. I will also be sharing with you my experience of running a business in a different country and how taking a leap of faith can be precisely what your soul-led business needs! ⁠

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