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  1. My full spiritual practice

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  3. Future Self Visualisation Mediation and Questions

By making time for this daily practice it provides me with clarity in the midst of my busy days, I feel grounded before I step into my day.

P.S. If you aren't a morning person, you can do this in the evening or a time that suits better!

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About Lynsey


Lynsey Cowan is a Spiritual Business Mentor, Trainer and Educator, and Lover of All Things Tech, with over 8 years experience supporting clients in building sustainable businesses online.

She is truly passionate about helping clients create a soul-aligned business and life on their terms.

Lynsey believes that we are here as change-makers in the world to create a life with limitless potential and it’s possible for anyone to reach this state of being. 

Lynsey fully believes she came here to elevate people in business, to support them by fully embodying their gifts and purpose, by removing any blocks or fears.

By fully embodying their unlimited potential, they will feel expansive, creative and free to attract their soul-led clients.

This then creates a ripple effect enhancing all relationships (both in business and life).

In her previous business working in the OBM/VA field for 8 years, she supported over 250+ coaches in growing coaching businesses, from start-up coaches to 6-figure and 7-figure coaches. 

Lynsey is currently undergoing accreditation process to become a fully accredited coach. Watch this space for coaching offers due to be released in July/August 2023.

When Lynsey isn’t supporting her incredible clients, she is enjoying her new life in Turkey. Taking the leap of faith can be precisely what your soul-led business needs!

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